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..16 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2005
As a major part of the rejuvenation of the Coniston Water Festival for 2005, Grizedale Arts is producing a programme of artists’ projects and an artists' film programme to enhance the event and develop the Festival as a unique and distinct event in the Lake District calendar. Artists will be present throughout the week and contribute to the Water Festival activities, including the boat dressing, as well as their own specific commissions.




Thinking Space for the North: a project by Bryan Davies and Dan Robinson
The Leeds based artists will be running the pilot project for Thinking Space for the North at the remote and unoccupied Parkamoor Farm on the east side of the lake. Thinking Space for the North will run as a field centre, looking at the possible future uses of the building, the surrounding landscape and its diverse user groups and will draw upon material such as Steiner, Ruskin, ecology, tourism, 1970’s communes and land management.






Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua
New Yorkers Jesse and Matt will be flying over in September to construct a floating work of art on Lake Coniston.





David Blandy
David Blandy will be working with a youth group from Dalston, London and with y
outh groups from the local area on a collaboration which will culminate in a performance for the Festival. Additionally David will be leading guided walks and travelling the area as his alter ego, The Lone Barefoot Pilgrim.




Olaf Breuning
Olaf is producing a floating sculpture for the boat dressing ceremony, as part of the body of work he has made for his current exhibition at the Chisenhale Gallery, London.







Lucienne Cole
Initially brought to the attention of Grizedale Arts by her impressive tap-dancing to the Smiths, Lucienne will be producing a radio programme and associated events which will utilise her research into the great record collections of the Lake District.




Brian Dewan
American artist Brian Dewan is a latter-day Renaissance man. He is an accomplished visual artist and multi-instrumentalist. His music has been described as a cross between Burl Ives, Charles Addams and Edgar Allen Poe. Brian will be coming over to the Coniston Water Festival to perform a specially commissioned piece of music for the local rock xylophones. There are two versions of this instrument, in Coniston and Keswick museums, originally created by the Till family, on which Brian will perform at the festival.





Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope
For the festival, the artists will be organising a special version of the 1970’s TV show It’s a Knockout. In their version of the show, five teams (National Trust, locals, tourists, Coniston Sailing Club and the National Park Authority) will compete, whilst Karen and Nina provide their own unique commentary.




Colin Lowe and Roddy Thompson
In 2002 Colin Lowe and Roddy Thompson created What Fresh Hell is This? A dark and melancholy transcription of Theodore Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa, their raft features two taxidermists’ crows as self-portraits, which will be exhibited on the water as a floating public sculpture.



Olivia Plender
What do camping, woodcraft and Baden Powell’s Boyscout Movement have to do with non-conformism, pacifism, vegetarianism, naturism and art?

At Coniston Old Hall, and in close proximity to the Park Coppice Campsite, Olivia will be developing a collaborative with and about the Kibbo Kift Foundation, a radical camping movement established in the 1920’s.





Ken Russell
On Millican Dalton

Games – Ceremonial Test of Strength:
-Tug of war
-Finest Pair of legs in shorts competition (participants will be judged on the resemblance of their legs to those of Millican Dalton)










Jesse Rae
The legendary Scottish funk musician will be running a radio station for the festival and producing a film shot in and around Coniston Water. On Sunday 18 September he will present and host a Funky Ceilidh, featuring special guest stars and local musicians.








Kerry Stewart
Kerry’s 12 foot swan will be taking part in the boat dressing parade and present throughout the festival week.







Matt Stokes
Has been researching the history of rave culture in the Lake District and the way it has impacted on the local community. For the festival he has proposed a concert of church organ music based upon his research.




Charlie Tweed
For the water festival Charlie’s character Sirus Manzill is going to set up camp and take up residency at the side of the Water in a small tent. From this site he will set to work attempting to construct his own ‘secure’ world and educating others on how to create an improved new world, though his own radio programme, leaflet distribution, lectures and demonstrations on how to make ‘safe’ animals.

Check the weblog for more information.












Bedwyr Williams
Artist/stand-up comedian Bedwyr Williams will be giving an after dinner speech on his experiences in local restaurants.








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Artists' Film Programme
Sunday 18th September, at Coniston Old Hall
4.30 - 8pm
Free entry

  David Blandy, The Soul of the Lakes - The way of the barefoot lone pilgrim, 2005
DVD, 25min
Courtesy: the artist
  Olaf Breuning, Home, 2003
DVD, 32min
Courtesy: Metro Pictures, New York

Chris Cornish, Tate Modern, 2003

  Chris Cornish, Tate Modern, 2003
DVD, 2min 3sec
Courtesy: Rachmaninoff's, London
Brian Dewan, Before the Whiteman came, 1994
DVD, 13min 51sec
Courtesy: the artist
Lara Favaretto, La terra è troppo grande, 2005 Loop
DVD mounted on loop
Collezione MAXXI, Roma

Lara Favaretto, La terra è troppo grande, 2005


Hans Op de Beeck, Gardening, 2001
DVD, 10 min 1sec, black and white
Animated drawings with sound
Courtesy: Hales Gallery, London




Hans Op de Beeck, Gardening, 2001