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..16 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2005
The Coniston Water festival was instituted in the later half of the 19th century and continued up until 1998. The festival was a week long series of events centred around Coniston Water and the valley, with a boat dressing and water parade as the centre piece of the festival. The festival has been missed by the many local people involved and in 2003 a local arts organisation Grizedale Arts suggested restarting the festival. The local response was remarkable with over 20 people turning out on a cold night in February to voice their support for the proposal.


Coniston Water Festival, 1936


Below and left: Coniston Water Festival, 1986.


The new Festival is envisaged as a development of the old one, taking the best and most successful elements and adding some new components centred on creativity and health. Above all, it celebrates Coniston Water and the people who live in its locality.The Festival will be a fusion of the arts, sport, food and a celebration of local enterprise, focused on the water and the unique aspects of water related culture and sport.