Map of the facial muscles

Image from All in One Anatomy Review. The common carotid, internal jugular, and vagus nerves are found in the carotid sheath under the sternocleidomastoid and infrahyoid muscles before the carotid arteries bifurcate into their external and internal branches. There are many branches, which transmit a combination of sensory, motor and parasympathetic fibres. The testing session lasted approximately 1hr. Depressor anguli oris muscles - Arise from the lateral part of the mandible and travel superomedially to insert, with the orbicularis oris muscle, in the corners of the mouth; they function to depress and retract the corners of the mouth.
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Trigeminal nerve

In this area, the facial vein directly connects with the cavernous sinus via the ophthalmic vein or indirectly connects with it via the pterygoid plexus. The mouth has the most extensive network of facial musculature and accounts for much of an individual's capability of facial expression. However, studies have been minimal and inconclusive as to their effectiveness. Today, with no accurate scientific tools available, they rely mostly on inevitably subjective questionnaires. This was not unexpected as recent dissections have not identified these muscles [ 11 ]. Expressive behavior is of interest to scientists studying these animals, both as a direct variable modeling neuropsychiatric disease, where expressivity is a primary deficit , as an indirect measure of health and welfare, and also in order to understand the evolution of communication. Classifying chimpanzee facial expressions by muscle action.
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Muscles of the Head and Neck - Anatomy Pictures and Information

The facial artery courses around the jaw anterior to the masseter, where it is palpable, and continues superomedially to end as the angular artery near the medial canthus. The facial artery provides the arterial blood supply to the lips and the middle of the face. The internal carotid artery supplies arterial blood to the eyelids, the upper and dorsal parts of the nose, the lower part of the forehead, and the scalp. The V3 division is the largest and most complicated of the divisions of CN V. Back Find a Therapist. This method was used successfully to identify the facial muscles in the chimpanzee Pan troglodytes and to compare the human and chimpanzee facial architecture with the human face [ 13 ].
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Thus, in BabyFACS, corrugator supercilli action is coded as AU3 knitting of the brow due to medial contraction , and procerus action is coded as AU4 knotting of the brow due to lowering of glabella. Controls sensations of the back of the hand and wrist and controls the finger-thumb pinch motion Symptoms: This muscle assists the orbicularis oris muscle in whistling. No contraction of the buccinator lateral to the mouth corners was visible. Motor Nerves CN VII, also known as the facial nerve, provides motor innervation to all the muscles of facial expression. Structure of muscle cells 3. Despite published accounts that monkeys possess less differentiated and less complex facial musculature, the majority of muscles previously identified in humans were stimulated successfully in the rhesus macaque and caused similar appearance changes to human facial movements.
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