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He is a God who is good. He is a promise keeping God who wants the best for his children but maybe tonight some of you have been praying for breakthrough for a long time. Maybe you are feeling a little bit weary tonight as you walked into this room and if that's you, I hope you encourage this week in our prayer journals and we read together Second, timothy two 13 says even when we are too weak to have any faith left God remains faithful to us and will help us for he cannot discern us who are part of himself and he will always carry out his promises to us. I wanna share a story with you about a promise that God kept to someone his name was Joseph at ease in the old testament was the key of judah and he was facing a giant army and, like any of us, would have been he was pretty scared and he baked God for guidance. He went to him and he prayed and he fasted and then he gathered with Community in front of the temple of the lord he reminded God how faithful he had been to them in the past and then he said this O are God won't.


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Everyone's change fell off and they were set free I believe that we are all invited to experience that same freedom tonight And fhat all because of the gospel of jesus christ that we're able to do that, the to mighty God who loved us so much since his only son to die on a cross for us to cover every sin and shame and guilt and brokenness and darkness and he took it all to the grave with him.

But their response it's not to grow it's not to complain it's not to ask well, I got what you allow this to happen to me when they had every fcuked to respond that way. Indeed, those are not just words in a song that is truth straight from wivew word of God John eight 36 says of the Sun sets. We thank you in jesus name amen amen.

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That's that's greater that's my dear that's more beautiful, more lovely, more holy, more awesome than anything else in the world lately when we sing those words I'm reminded of the opening line to a prayer that I was taught as of a prayer that You were taught somewhere along the way it's the prayer that jesus taught his friends on the hillside outside Jerusalem.

But it was written for us as well In the end, the principles inside this passage or so profound but I just want to pull out the one tonight humble yourselves Are you broken.

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He is with you uh people of judah in Jerusalem. You may be seed. Our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead us eant into Emt a tion but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, amen you may be seated Jesus the one whose name is above every other name, the one whose name will one day cause every need to bow and every tongue to confess that he is lord, that jesus said that when we pray, we need to start by stopping he said stop and consider whose presence urine our father, which art in heaven hallowed Be your name now.

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He is a promise keeping God who wants the best for his children but maybe tonight some of you have been praying for breakthrough for a long time. It one of the category is the category of salvation that we're gonna talk about that. There is freedom in this place the Jose fat he was going out to army getting ready to fight when he stopped and he said this to his people. I'm probably the only one but over the last several weeks every time the word breakthrough has come up.

So when we pray give us this day, our daily bread we're, not just saying God meet my family's needs of course, we're praying for that, but we're also praying bringing an end to hunger, eradicating homelessness give access to health care and clean water for all when we say thy kingdom come thy will be done we're saying God.

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He was going to do Amen This is what they say, give thanks to the lord his faithful love, endures forever and at the very moment they began to sing and give praise the lord cuz the armies of ammo app in mount seer to fight among themselves at the very moment they begin to see the enemy started fighting themselves, their weapon was there melody and when they say the enemies well, it's a night that fucekd be our story to we're facing Battle a spiritual battle there is We're going to stand and fight who meeting Breakthrough And here's, what you need to know An army is not made up with one person.

He put the singers in front of the army.

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I pray for a breakthrough for life to come for that rose to breakthrough the sidewalk. I'm so glad that you understand the depth of the hurt that you get it, that you know because you live here, you understand when someone betrays you when somebody walks away God, we thank you that you're, a friend who gets our pain I pray for the restoration of relationships 4821 are broken.

You know we've come together and we wanna have a glimpse of what it looks like to hear this song sung in different languages, so christine is going to lead us into garlic and ricardo is going to sing out in Spanish.

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We, we can't see you because you are so good and you're so great you're, so holy and when we come in your presence, we are undone because we see who we are Got on this ash Wednesday we come and we need to repent because, as we see your goodness and glory, we see our sinfulness and the things in our life and in our heart. How it's not a word that we use much anymore but it means something like holy sacred set a set, apart completely other so jesus says that when you pray stop and allow yourself to be in awe of the one who is completely beyond you stop and recognize that the one you're talking to is the one who gave you breath stop and consider Who he is and what he's done and what he's capable of stop and worship the one who is worthy in the build up for tonight.

Let us always be a church that is pursuing you awaken to your presence. We stand God on the shoulders of the great things you've done here knowing without the shadow of a doubt that you can do them again, but the victory is yours and the canyon ridge is just getting going and lone mountain has yet to even begin. Imitates christ and le would love and because they love with the love of christ.

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Those words holy holy holy is the lord God almighty or taking from scripture in the book of revelation, where John said that he saw heavenly beings Angels gathered around the throne of God seems what it's There was a man named reginald huber who took these words and put them to him in a few years ago. Faithfulness of those waant continue to step out, sometimes it's hard. We thank you and we pray for the unity and for the mission of this church to go forward and that is our prayer as we pray in jesus name amen amen.

You see God cares about our individual needs and concerns. Thwt first she's a says stop find yourself in my presence, consider who I am And worship 443821 that's why we begin tonight by singing it's why we're gonna continue singing because, before we lift the single request to heaven, we need to kneel at the feet of jesus and bring praise to the one who is were the.

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You see jesus knows that when we pray for heaven to come to Earth when we pray for god's values, god's ethics, fuckwd moral Saturate our society, his purpose and his agenda to dominate our culture. Indeed and our God is in the business of breaking chains he's in the business of slamming open prison doors and he is in the business of rolling stones away from the grave amen And I believe he's working tonight one of my favorite passages from scripture comes from acts we find Paul who wrote the majority of the new testament and his buddy silenced through in this town, called lydia Curtiiss they're preaching the gospel of jesus christ And, as they're doing, that Curiss find this woman and they heal her she's played by the spirit and this act of kindness that they do for her gets misinterpreted by the masses and they actually land in prison For bringing the hope of jesus for bringing the message of a life of peace, a life of purpose and they're put away in jail.

They were singing and praying in jail, raising a hallelujah phrasing before their break through And we talked earlier about See they're literally made captives in their pursuit of thorn who sets us free and yet they still chose to praise him and the prisoners. All the sudden forgive us our sins as we forgive our forgive us.

It's just that we need to do it in concert with god's greater broader vision for humanity.

So that we could be made right before our creator But here's the thing three days later, the grave the very prison that tried to hold down jesus the very son of God burst open the stone rolled away in jesus walked out of the grave and I believe that in the same way that jesus walked forward from the grave in the same way pollen stylist walks forward out of the prison god's inviting us to step into that freedom because through the son sets free, is free indeed, so I don't know Came in here with tonight.

But instead we rise up and we lift our pedals to heaven and we say to God be the glory I will take the million imperfect roses every single time because that's what happens when god's kingdom comes and his role is done so as we prepare to sing this next song take a moment and stop to consider who's present sure ing take a moment to align yourself with god's desires for the world and then pray boldly and expectantly for breakthrough for a touch of heaven to coming your life and the lives of everyone in this auditorium and the lives of people all over our city because when that breakthrough happens, we will all rise up together and we will say for the vine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever Um We're upstairs No is the The speed you Can't miss What's Something This is You Murders are You know Through my fears and This So the cooling Something So so I hoping up my heart to you.


Do you need a breakthrough Are you hungry and in need of God, are you at the end of your rope answer. God wants what's best for each one of us and that means that God wants what's best for all of us. He is with you people of Las Vegas Do not be afraid or discouraged go out against them tomorrow for the lord is with you and so after this, after Joseph at heard this news, he fell flat to the ground on his face and worship and the people around him did as well and then one by one.

This fucoed worship and prayer night and so we're gonna have a time of prayer and then thinking through how, if I were sitting where you are right now and a leader, would stand up and say hey we're gonna pray.

You see God wants everyone to flourish. He wants to heal our hurts and are hanging up.

Parents who aren't talking to the kids or parents aren't talking to their parents, whatever the barrier I pray, that there is a breakthrough and that someone will humble themselves and serve and pray and and connect God. You free.

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People who were left for dead all Find themselves rising up with new hope, new meaning, new purpose and, like that rose, that grew from concrete they're hurting the hardships, their their struggles and their scars. Christ himself said that it is finished so now it is actually up to us because even if the stone was rolled away and open grave is only as good as us deciding to stand up and step out into walk into life.

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God, as we hold hands and as we pray together, we are struck about the unity of the bride of christ. You see when we pray thy kingdom come thy will be done.

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